Combining stakeholder empowerment and engagement with specialist research and subject knowledge.

Resources for Change is a sustainable development consultancy working at all levels in the development and delivery of interventions for communities, organisations and agencies. We 'bridge the gap' between delivery, management and strategy. In short, this means we:

Act at Grassroots - Hands on experience of engaging communities and civil society

Support the Managers - Practical experience of partnerships, management systems and improving delivery

Advise the Strategists - Advising, evaluating and supporting policy and strategic programme delivery


Resources for Change was originally set up by Steve Evison as Rural Resources in January 1997 in response to changing approaches to sustainable development. It became a limited company in 2003 and Resources for Change was set-up to reflect the fact that much of our work is not rural, but urban or strategic in emphasis. Both companies have worked in all parts of the UK and, so far, have worked in 9 overseas countries.

In July 2010 we completed the process of becoming an employee-owned company. Four of the core consultants act as Company Directors and share the responsibility for the company’s future direction. For us, this is the realisation of a long held ambition and we hope it will further strengthen us as a team.

How we work?

The needs of all stakeholders are now seen as being integral to the process of change. We aim to facilitate the involvement of communities, groups, individuals, work-forces, managers and strategists in developing sustainable solutions. We do this using a range of appropriate methods, with a particular expertise in tools and techniques designed to maximise participation.

There is also a growing acceptance of the synergies between the sectors such as environment, health, community safety, planning, recreation, tourism and community development. Resources for Change provide a cross sectoral approach to development, and being a team, provide a variety of expertise.

Employing a core staff support, Resources for Change also work with a range of individual associates, businesses, and other organisations to provide the right blend for the client's needs. We also describe ourselves as a Social Business, as defined by our approach to work, to each other and in keeping with the company ethos.

We believe this is the future and, as always, we intend to be at the forefront.

Mike King

Director and Principal Consultant - he has considerable experience both in the UK and internationally...

Alison Davies

Director and Principal Consultant - Spanning the public, private and third sectors Alison has a strong background in business develpoment and project management with a focus on the environment...

Cerys Thomas

Director and Principal Consultant - She has lengthy experience and a strong understanding of the voluntary and community sector combined with wide experience of facilitation and dialogue ans is fully bilingual in Welsh & English...

Emma Cranidge

Director and Principal Consultant - She is a skilled and experienced consultancy project manager, specialising in stakeholder and community engagement...

Steve Evison 

Company founder and a Principal Consultant - he has a very impressive profile of work in environmental and community focussed development.

Irene Evison

Principal Consultant - she has a wide breadth of experience in the private, public and third sector...

Helen Fairweather

Senior Consultant - With a wealth of experience in facilitation and community consultation in both rural and urban environments...

Neil Smith

Senior Consultant - with management and leadership skills and experience in private and public sectors and an experienced facilitator in private, voluntary and public sectors.

Harriet Tod

Harriet joined R4C in July this year as our Virtual Administrator, through her own company, Our VA Lts. Harriet has responsibility for all our systems and administration needs and supports the consultants with sourcing and finalising bids, as well as the efficient internal management of contracts.