What We Do

We are experienced specialists in research, consultation, facilitation and evaluation; skilled in working with communities and organisations, in urban and rural settings, within the public and private sectors.

One of our key strengths is in understanding and balancing the interplay between the economic, environmental, social and organisational tensions in any project.

We provide a range of services that broadly fit under these themes:

Engagement Design & Delivery

Project Delivery Support


Evaluation & Learning

Organisation Development

Capacity Building and Training

Secondment & Interim Support

The reality is that every project we work on may have just one or all of these themes and we have the experience to balance them in relation to the needs of the client. 

Just one example of applying what we do is working with Landscape Partnership Schemes

We have significant experience of working with clients in this area, providing comprehensive research and consultation, and producing strategies and plans for natural resource and heritage based projects. A large proportion of these projects have led to successful bids to HLF for project funding

We can team up with a range of associates in order to provide a full range of skills and experience covering all aspects of research, engagement, facilitation, interpretation and evaluation that your partnership may require.

You can read more about the projects we have supported here.

You can read a brief overview of Audience Development Plans here.